Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wellness Brand Kibble | A Change of Pace

Andy's been in a bit of a dietary funk lately. He's never been a really food driven dog to begin with but he seems even less interested in food as of late. It used to be that he would eat his kibble as soon as it hit the bowl but he's been really inconsistent with his eating habits the last couple of weeks. Sometimes he eats his kibble right away, other times he sniffs the contents of the bowl, then walks away without eating. He'll eat the kibble eventually but he doesn't seemed too thrilled with what he's eating. This pattern is especially worrisome to me because the dog we had before him, Maxwell, died of complications related to irritable bowel disease. Given that Andy's food issues have only surfaced recently, and don't seem to be all that serious, I'm not going to let my mind jump to anything like IBD just yet.

My husband and I have been debating about how we should handle this new situation. At this point we're approaching it as a dietary issue likely related to allergies, or, that Andy is just sick of the Merrick kibble he's been eating since day one. In order to kill two birds with one stone we've been
transitioning him to a new brand of dog food. We decided to try the Wellness brand, which I've read many good things about and have purchased in the past. Specifically we bought a bag from the Simple line - which is formulated with limited ingredients and is specifically for dogs with food sensitivities. We've also been wondering if Andy's food issues are related to boredom. He's a very active (and needy!) dog and could probably stand to get more exercise. In either case we're trying a holistic approach - tending to both his physical and mental needs. Sheesh. What a high maintenance dog! If we don't see some improvement in the next couple of weeks we'll take him in to the vet for a checkup.

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