Thursday, August 15, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Andy

A picture of Andy's injured snout - you can see the pinkish "raw" spot right above his little black nose.
Some of you may recall that Andy had a borderline manic episode of OCD-like behavior last week, where he became so overwhelmed with the desire to bury his new Himalayan Dog Chew he ended up rubbing the top of his snout raw in the process. Well...later that week he did the same thing with a dog biscuit while my husband and I were out. We gave him the biscuit as we left the loft and came home some hours later to find the couch bloodied and the biscuit "buried" between the cushions. Thankfully no permanent damage was done to either Andy's snout or the couch. Sheesh.

I'm totally disturbed and weirded out by this new behavior. It's hard to believe the boy's compulsion to bury things is so overwhelming that he completely disregards any pain or injury he's inflicting on himself...but that's what appears to be happening. The question is, why? And, how can we get him to stop? Our first step to address the issue has been to not give him any treats unless he's under supervision. Second, I think a lot of his behavior issues are tied to boredom. I think the pup needs more exercise and mental stimulation in order to redirect his energy. To that end, we're committing to walking him more. I'm also going to try some light jogging with him once the Fall semester kicks into gear. We may also start taking him to Camp Bow Wow more regularly. Talk about high maintenance. Again: sheesh.

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