Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forthcoming Review: Himalayan Dog Chew

We took Andy on an outing to Petco yesterday and came across a product called a Himalayan Dog Chew. I read some good things about these all natural chews this past winter but never got around to actually ordering one. This is the first time I've come across them in a store, so, after some hemming and hawing (over the price!) I decided to pick one up. I'm intrigued by the products ingredients (yak/cow milk, salt, and lime) and the chew's back story - it's actually a cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas. The Himalayan Dow Chews themselves are made by a consortium of farmers in Nepal. The chew is pretty hard and is suppose to be long lasting. Will let you know what Andy and I think!

*I gave Andy the chew last night, and as expected, he had absolutely no idea what to do with it! He's always flummoxed when I give him something new and it usually takes him some time to warm up to new edibles. The pup carried the chew around the loft, going up and down the stairs. He tried burying it in the couch, in both of the dog beds, and the human bed. He's never done this before! Obviously he thinks the chew is something worth concealing from others. I thought it was hilarious...until I saw his nose. He got a little OCD about trying to bury the chew and actually rubbed the bit of muzzle right above his nose raw trying to bury it. Sigh. I ended up taking the chew away and will give it back to him when his nose heals. In the meantime I'm keeping on eye on his wound and putting Neosporin on it twice a day. Never a dull moment with Andy.

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