Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Dexas Collapsible Travel Cup

With temps regularly in the 90s lately we've been taking a number of precautions to keep Andy safe while outdoors. This includes limiting our walks to mornings and evenings, avoiding hot asphalt during the day, and making sure the pup keeps hydrated at all times. I usually take a bag with me when we go out on longer walks so that I can tote along bottles of water, extra poop bags, hand wipes, etc. Up to this point I also carried a small plastic bowl that we used to give Andy water. Problem was, after he was done drinking I would have to put the wet bowl back into the bag and everything would get a little damp. Arg. 

I've been looking for a solution to this problem the past month or so: enter the Dexas Collapsible Travel Cup. I came across this bowl at Petco the other day. I liked its compact, collapsible design, the fact that it could be clipped to things, and that it is BPA-free. 

We took the bowl for a spin last week and we're thrilled so far! Not only is it stylish and well-designed, it's sturdy and gets the job done. We got the bowl in the large size (purple) - which holds 2 cups, or 16 oz, of water. This is the perfect size for Andy, who is a medium-sized dog at 34 pounds. The body of the bowl is made from soft, but sturdy, silicone. You simply "pop" the bowl out, fill it with water, then "pop" it back in when you're done. I like to give the bowl a couple of good shakes to get rid of excess water before I stow it away. The bowl comes with a convenient carabiner clip, which I use to clip the bowl to the exterior of my walking bag - no more wet mess! I highly recommend this product to anyone that likes to spend time with their pup outdoors, especially during these hot summer months. Check out the Dexas website for more information and to see their other cool pet products.
Dexas Collapsible Travel Cup
Available at Petco, Amazon
Small | 1 cup, 8 oz | $7.99
Large | 2 cups, 16 oz | $9.99

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