Friday, May 24, 2013

Bay Horse and White Dog

George Stubbs | Bay Horse and White Dog | c. 1760s-1770s

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

One of the parks we frequent has a series of "bridle paths" - paths for horses and their owners. These paths are shared by horse and pedestrian alike, though folks with horses aren't allowed off these paths. I'm happy to share this space with only complaint is the piles of poop left in their wake. Andy charges at these piles like they're little mounds of heaven. You know he would be up to his eyeballs in horse poop if we just gave him the chance. He does occasionally manage to grab a mouthful of the stuff. Gross!
The first time Andy encountered a live horse he cowered in fear. I think he was confused by the strange looking "dog" and intimidated by the sheer size of it. The pup has since gotten over his fear now that he's seen horses a half dozen times or so. In fact, Andy will actually bark at them and try to go towards them - like he wants to play with them...or eat them. It's hard to say. We came across this statue of a man on a horse in the middle of a different park the other day. We've actually visited the statue before but this was the first time Andy actually took notice of it. The boy got really excited and kept trying to get a better look at it. And then he barked. He barked and acted like he wanted to play with the horse. Or eat's hard to say.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Murder Most Fowl

No, that's not a typo in the title. Andy caught and killed a fledgling bird today. He would have eaten it too had my husband not taken it away. My boy is a murderer! He done got the blood lust now.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review | Blue Buffalo Health Bars

Andy's enjoyed Blue Buffalo's Health Bars ever since he was a wee pup. As I was shopping for supplies before we picked Andy up from the humane society I knew I wanted to get a treat of some sort that we could give him any time we left him alone in the loft. I figured if we could get Andy to associate our leaving him by himself with a positive experience (i.e. a special treat) we could help him work through any separation anxiety he might have. A little positive reinforcement can go a long way! Blue Buffalo Health Bars, or "Goodbye Cookies" as their known in our household, have been a staple ever since. I love that they don't contain fillers like corn and wheat, that they're full of whole grains and vegetables, are fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids, and are all natural (i.e. they contain no artificial colors or preservatives). Andy loves their generous size and crunch!   

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