Friday, April 26, 2013

Portrait of Maurice

Andy Warhol | Portrait of Maurice | 1976

La Merde Majestueuse

King of the Ramp

This week was a whirlwind and we had to kennel Andy for a night  because of our crazy schedules. I'm pretty sure he didn't mind because it meant he got to play with his buddies at Camp Bow Wow for 2 days straight. The boy loves going to Camp!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's in the Hole?

Andy is obsessed with this hole in the ground out back! The hole, which I'm pretty sure is the entrance/exit to a groundhog burrow, is at the bottom of a retaining wall. Anytime we walk by the hole the boy insists on stopping and staring into it. He just stands there gazing at the hole - as if a nice plump groundhog will pop out any minute and jump into his mouth. Silly pup.
Did you know groundhogs and woodchucks are the same thing? They're also called
whistle-pigs (best name ever!) and land-beavers (also a pretty great name!).

Maymo + Robot Inchworm

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kitty 911 | Round 2

Diego spent the weekend at the vet due to yet another complete blockage of his urethra. Arg. He started showing signs that he was having problems on Saturday morning - basically he was spending an inordinate amount of time in the litter box. We knew it was really serious when he started trying to pee outside the box. My husband took him in to our vet (a different one than the one we went to less than 2 weeks ago) and ended up having to leave him there for the weekend.

I picked Diego up from the vet last night and he seems to be doing ok and all it took was the steady hand of the vet, another catheter up his wee wee maker, a ton of fluids, piles and piles of medication, and mucho dinero. Sigh. My husband and I are trying to take things in stride...but we can't help but wonder what the heck the other vet did when we took Diego in 10 days ago (!?!). That visit wasn't cheap and this one cost twice as much. Arg (!!!). I want to give the first vet the benefit of the doubt and believe that she did what she thought needed to be done for Diego at the time...and that this occurrence was inevitable...but I can't help but feel like the first vet didn't do her job. Sigh. Done is done and we hope this is the end of Deigo's issues. Poor little guy. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's GO Time!

Andy had a great time playing with Ruby, a sweet Beagle/Pit mix who lives in our apartment complex, yesterday afternoon. They chased one another, wrestled, and playfully nipped while
off-leash in an enclosed area out back. A good time was had by all!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Year With Andy

Around this time last year my husband and I walked into our local human society and spied an adorable pup named Scooter. The pup looked up at us eagerly and we were drawn to him immediately. After spending some time with Scooter and falling in love with his rambunctious spirit we decided to submit an application to adopt him despite the fact that an "adoption pending" sign was already hanging on his kennel. We figured it was a long shot but also felt like we had nothing to lose. If we didn't get to adopt him it meant he had found a home. If the application ahead of us fell threw then he was ours. Win/Win.

As it turns out the stars aligned in our favor and we were able to adopt Scooter (Andy!) on April 13th, 2012. Our first year with Andy was filled with both ups and downs. Some ups: that first day we brought him home, when he learned to "sit," all the long walks in the park and cuddle time on the couch. Some downs: Andy's insatiable appetite for shoes, his inability to leave the cats alone, that time he got bit at day camp and had to go to the vet, nail clipping troubles, and his love of rolling on poop. Sigh...I wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't know how many folks visit this blog regularly but for those who do, you've probably noticed that I've been posting more photos than anything else as of late. I've been finding it harder and harder to devote the time I once had to taking photos and writing posts. To be honest, I'm also suffering from a bit of blog fatigue. That being said I'm planning on posting far less on attaboyandy from here on out. I'll still share photos, milestones, and the occasional product review - but not as frequently. I hope you continue to stop in. I'd also love to hear from you! Who are you? Who are the furry folks in your life? Is there anything in particular you'd like me to write about? See you around!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Andy and I hit the park yesterday afternoon. It was 80 degrees.
Trees were budding, wild flowers were blooming, and everything was greening up.
Looking forward to spring followed by a nice long summer. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Andy's Not Playing

Forthcoming Review: Blue Buffalo Health Bars
In the meantime enjoy this photo of Andy refusing to look at this biscuit.
The boy has had it with me forcing him to pose for blog photos with treats.
He's like, "No treat. No Photo."
Sheesh! It's not like I don't give him the treat after he poses!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update on Diego

I picked Diego up from the vet this afternoon and he looks none the worse for wear. Not bad considering that less than 24 hours ago he had a catheter snaked up his urethra...ouch. It turns out his urethra was blocked by crystal-like formations commonly called struvite stones, the most common of feline urinary tract "stones." From what I gather the stones actually develop in the bladder and then can get stuck in the urethra on the way out. A complete obstruction, which Diego had, is considered a medical emergency for cats. Death can occur within 48 hours as a result of disrupted kidney function, bladder rupture, or other complications.

Thankfully we caught wind of Diego's situation early on and it was dealt with swiftly. He's now home, obstruction free, and peeing to his heart's delight. You're probably wondering at this point why the heck this happened. I don't know that we'll ever know for sure but here are some common reasons kidney and bladder stones develop in cats: imbalanced diet, low water intake, urinary tracts infections, and breed disposition just to name a few. Male cats are also more prone to obstructions than female cats because their urethra are longer and narrower. Diego had struvite stones, which can often be treated simply by a change in diet. Our vet has recommended that we put Diego on an all wet-food diet as this will increase his water in-take over all. More water means increased dilution of urine (stones develop when high concentrations of minerals are present) and more frequent urination (keeps those minerals flowing out!). If the problem persists he'll have to go on a prescription diet. For more information on urethral obstruction check out the American College of Veterinary Surgeon's very informative website.

Mildly Interested

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kitty 911 | Urinary Tract Obstruction

Most pet owners know dogs are creatures of habit. They like (even demand!) to be fed at the same time each day, look forward to regularly scheduled potty breaks, and seem to memorize the schedule of our comings and goings. Cats, though arguably more independent than dogs, are not all that different. This is why when Diego didn't show up for breakfast this morning we were a little concerned. I scoured the loft for the kitty and located him in one of the litter boxes. He was in the box for quite some time and he appeared to be straining to urinate. When he stepped out of the box I peaked inside and it didn't seem like he had gone at all. This immediately set off alarm bells in my head as it's a sign of a urinary tract blockage. I waited a bit to see if he would return and sure enough he came back soon after and had the same unsuccessful results.

I called our vet's office and they recommended that we bring him in immediately to be assessed and treated if necessary. Urinary tract obstructions in cats can quickly lead to complications and imminent death if not treated pronto,
typically within 48 hours. We dropped Diego off earlier today and I just got a call from the vet letting us know that he's doing fine after treatment (Whew!). They had to put him under, insert a urinary catheter, and flush out his tubes. It turns out he had several small stones causing the blockage. The vet says Diego's prognosis is good - this is a relatively common problem and a change in diet should take care of it. Emergencies like this remind me of how important it is to know what is and isn't "normal" behavior for our pets. If we hadn't picked up on the fact that Diego hadn't shown up for breakfast this morning we might not have noticed that anything was wrong with him at all. Will let you know how Diego's doing after we pick him up from the vet tomorrow.   

For more information on cats and urinary tract obstructions check out PetMD.

Dreaming of Sunday

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Andy's "Crooked Toe"

Do dogs have toes? Or are they always just called claws? In any case, Andy came to us with what I call his "crooked toe." It's actually a nail on one of his rear paws that's a bit off. I first noticed it when we had to clip his nails for the first time. The nail was, and is, visibly askew and freaked me out when I first spied it because I thought the boy's toe was broken. Upon closer inspection I saw that whatever the problem was it had occurred prior to our adopting him or was a birth defect of some sort.

The nail isn't pretty to look at but it doesn't seem to bother Andy at all. I'm probably the only one that's actually bothered by it. I personally have a "toenail-falling-off" my foot phobia, if there is such a thing. In fact, I injured one of my big toes in the fall. The nail turned purple and I had a lot of anxiety about the possibility of it falling of. Shudder. Thankfully that didn't happen. The thought of Andy's nail falling off gives me the heebie-jeebies so I try to be mindful of how long the his claws are because the crooked claw looks like it could pop off if it got too long. Andy's due for his annual checkup in a couple of weeks and if I remember I'll ask the vet if it's anything we need to worry about. 

Deconstructing Andy