Friday, March 29, 2013

Young Lady with a Bird and Dog

John Singleton Copley | Young Lady with a Bird and Dog | 1767

Maymo + Penny + Lime

Maymo has a sister! Why am I not surprised that Penny is also an adorable lemon beagle? She seems pretty tame so far, by Maymo standards that is. I'm looking forward to their dual hijinks. Check the pups out on Maymo's facebook fan page for all the latest!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spinach Eater

I used to be completely spineless when my dogs begged for table scraps. I just didn't have the heart to say "no."  My husband likes to remind me once in a while of an exchange involving a bag of chips he once witnessed between me and one of our pups. Supposedly he saw me eat a chip, feed one to the dog, eat a chip, feed one to the dog, and on and on for a good couple of minutes. I don't think it happened exactly that way...but I have to admit, his version of the story isn't too far from the truth.

When we adopted Andy I made a conscious decision not to feed him table scraps. I made a promise to myself that I would feed him as consistent and as healthy a diet as possible. This means Andy eats a high quality kibble (Merrick Classic Real Lamb with Brown Rice & Apple Dry Dog Food) and generally only treats from brands I trust, such as Blue Buffalo, Carolina Prime, and Get Naked. One of the few exceptions I make to this rule is when I feed Andy raw vegetables now and then as a treat. So far I've only given him carrots, broccoli, kernels of corn, peas and spinach (nothing acidic or "spicy" like tomatoes or onions). Raw vegetables are negligible in terms of calories and offer the boy variety in terms of flavor and texture. Andy loves them. Look at him "sitting pretty" for that leaf of spinach!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Updated Review | Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dog Treats

In my original review of Get Naked's Super Antioxidant Dog Treats I was generally happy with the product but dissatisfied with the size and longevity of the "small" sized dental chews. Since the chews come in a "small" size I think it's safe to assume they also come in a "large" size, and while this is true, the large chews sure are hard to come by! The Get Naked brand isn't widely available at stores in my area to begin with; Petco is the only store around here that stocks the brand regularly, and for some reason, they only carry them in "small." I only happened upon the "large" chews as I was browsing the pet section at my local T.J. Maxx a couple of weeks ago. At $3.99 a bag I immediately snatched up a couple of bags and Andy's been enjoying the chews ever since.

The "large" sized chews have all the same great benefits as their smaller counterparts - they're wheat, corn, soy, and gluten free (great for pups with allergies), made with all natural ingredients, and made in the USA. Andy weighs in around 32 pounds and the "large" chew is more size appropriate for him. A large chew lasts around 4-5 minutes. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time but because Andy is such an aggressive chewer 4-5 minutes for a dental chew is actually not all that bad. I highly recommend the "large" Get Naked dental chews if you have a medium sized dog or larger. They make for a great occasional treat and will satisfy your pup's desire to chew. Finding the chews in a "large" at a local store may prove to be a challenge but luckily they're readily available (and cheaper!) on the internet. 

Left | Center | Right

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ginger Boy

Andy's fur lightened up significantly this past summer. It actually made me a little sad seeing his puppy coat change over time from ginger to tan. It was a subtle change; as his mum I was probably the only person that noticed it. I caught a glimpse of Andy in the shade the other day and was struck by how red his coat is right now. The red must have come in again with his winter coat. That's my color-changing ginger boy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stormy Weather

Winter Storm Ukko is here. What kind of a name is Ukko you ask? Cause you know, I was thinking the exact same thing! According to Wikipedia Ukko is the god of sky, weather, harvest, and thunder in Finnish mythology. Fitting name for a winter storm I suppose. It's been snowing fairly steadily for the last couple of hours. We're only supposed to get 1-2 inches of accumulation. I think we'll hole up in the loft tonight. Crank up the heat. Watch some dvds. Andy will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Ho-Hum I Monday

Friday, March 15, 2013

Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun

Joan Miro | Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun | 1949

Friday Night Lights

Richard Jackson | Bad Dog

Orange County Museum of Art

Richard Jackson's whimsical (and anatomically correct!) sculpture, titled "Bad Dog," is on display at the Orange County Museum of Art in Southern California through May 5th. This 28 foot tall rendering of a Labrador Retriever periodically sprays yellow paint against one of the museum's exterior walls. Love it! Check out this Los Angeles Times article to learn more about Jackson and his art: Richard Jackson Wants to Make You Fell Uncomfortable.

One Thing Leads to Another

Monday, March 11, 2013

On His Own

We took a big risk last Wednesday night and left Andy at home by himself for about 6 hours while we attended a concert in Philly. He's been by himself for that long before but just never in the evening, when he tends to be a little more active and needy. I predicted disastrous consequences if we didn't have a solid game plan.

This was the plan: Andy would spend the day at Camp Bow Wow. He would run, wrestle, and bark his little head off so that by the end of the day he would be plumb tuckered out. We put away all our shoes and anything else Andy might want to destroy. Before leaving the loft we put the pup in his Thundershirt, gave him a "cookie," and hoped for the best.

Thankfully the plan worked! Andy was so tired by the time he got home from day camp he just crashed on the couch and stayed there the entire evening. When we got home a little after midnight he barely even acknowledged our return. In fact it took some coaxing to even get him to go outside for his last potty. He was one tired pup and as far as we could tell he didn't get into any trouble. Success!

Don't Mess With Pablo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Weather Blahs

It looks like we've more or less dodged Storm Saturn in Northeastern Pennsylvania (Hurray!). Although I was actually hoping for just enough snow to get me a snow day, which would have gotten me out of a test I have to take later today (Boo!). All things considered this has been a pretty mild winter but that doesn't change the fact that I am SICK of it. I'm sick of the cold. I'm sick of having to bundle up every time Andy needs to go out. I'm sick of muddy trails at the park. I'm sick of dry skin and chapped lips. I'm so ready for spring.

Morning Light

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Color Me Fabulous!

I spotted this nail polish for dogs at Petco the other day. I don't remember how much it cost exactly but I think it was in the $5-6 range. Why does this product exist? I just looked at espree's website and the polish is actually available in 15 shades, with both solid and foil finishes. Wow. I appreciate that their products are made from renewable and sustainable vegetable and mineral resources...but really? Nail polish for dogs? I think Andy looks perfectly fabulous with his nails au naturel!

More Maymo

Can you tell I love this dog?

My Little Sunshine

Monday, March 4, 2013

Out, Damned Tick!

We found a tick latched to Andy's inner thigh Saturday night...shudder. I'm pretty sure it was a black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick (see photo - that's my pinky finger shown for scale). Andy probably picked it up at the park earlier that day. I'm surprised the parasitic little bugger was even on the prowl given how cold it's been lately.

Thankfully we had our trusty Tick Twister on hand. This is the second time we've used it, and I must say, it certainly is worth the $3.99 we paid for it! This particular tick was a little stubborn and didn't want to let go of Andy's delicious tender flesh. My husband did get it to detach eventually, mouthparts and all, but not without a little bit of effort. The skin around the bite is irritated so I'll be keeping an eye on it and on Andy in general. Ticks can carry lyme disease, canine anaplasmosis, and other unpleasantness, so it's important to keep an eye on your pet for symptoms of illness if a tick has had a chance to attach itself. Check out the Humane Society's webpage, "Getting a Tick Off Your Dog," for more information on ticks and safe tick removal. 

Troubled Trees

The city was doing some maintenance on the trees around our neighborhood the other day, mainly trimming branches that had grown into power and telephone wires. Andy and I came across this pile of odd looking cut-offs at some point. The unnatural shade of yellow was what caught my eye. The yellow was so bright and looked so completely out of place - it reminded me of highlighters. My best guess is that the trees are diseased but I haven't been able to find anything on the internet that looks anything like it. I'm going to keep looking because I'm curious as heck. Any ideas?

Friday, March 1, 2013


Roy Lichtenstein | Grrrrrrrrrrr! | 1965

It's Friday!

Andy recommends going hog wild!


Dog muzzles shaped like duck bills? Something only the Japanese could come up with!
If you want to add insult to injury these duck-billed muzzles can be had at the Japanese website Rakuten. Be aware...your dog will hate you for it!

Still Going...

The yarn bomb lives! We first spotted this piece of gorilla folk art at a local park back in August. When I came across it again in November I wondered at the time whether or not its makers would eventually take it down. It's now the end of February and the thing is still there. I think at this point it's safe to say it's here to stay. I'm actually a fan of guerrilla art and graffiti but something about this particular yarn bomb rubs me the wrong way. I liked it when I first came across it simply because it was the first one I'd ever seen in person. As the months have gone by though, and I've watched it slowly deteriorate, my appreciation for it has waned. Now it just seems dirty, not very well thought out, and poorly executed. I kind of hope a squirrel will take it apart and build a nest from it. A big colorful yarny nest. Or knit a sweater. A big ugly sweater.