Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well Played Andy. Well Played.

The last time Andy got his nails trimmed was back in December when he had to go to the vet's office for his injury. We figured since we were already there, and the pup had been giving us such a hard time about trimming his nails, we might as well have the professionals do it for us. When it came time to trim his nails this week it occurred to me that if we put him up on the stainless steel "island" we have in our kitchen it might remind him of the vet's office and that somehow that would make him cooperate. Well, it worked! I was able to clip every nail without incident as my husband held Andy in place. I think the novelty of the situation, coupled with the height of the island, made Andy just nervous enough that he didn't even think to put up a fight. Whatever the reason, we'll keep trimming his nails this way as long it works!

With every success...comes challenges. Right after we trimmed Andy's nails my husband got ready to take the pup on a walk. Andy got so excited he started to jump around and in the process he managed to scratch my husband's arm and hand up pretty bad. Lesson learned. Either we need a new, sharper, pair of nail trimmers or we need to file his nails smooth after each trim. On an unrelated note, Andy managed to ruin 2 pairs of my shoes this week. 2 pairs. In 1 week. #!$@!*# 

Score 1 for the humans. 
Score 3 for Andy.

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