Monday, January 21, 2013

Review | Scratch Lounge

I haven't done any reviews of cat products on this blog but thought I'd throw one into the mix seeing how 2 of my 3 fur children identify as feline. Cat claw maintenance is an important part of any kitty's health regimen. Cat's claws have an outer layer, or sheath, which protects new claw growth. Cats need to periodically shed these sheaths in order to free the new growth within. They accomplish this by scratching at things, which is why it's important to provide your kitty with an appropriate outlet to direct this scratching, such as a scratching post or cardboard scratcher.  

This is where the Scratch Lounge comes in, touted as the "World's Best Cat Scratcher." This thing is pretty sweet - it's a 3-sided scratcher made of super-dense reversible honeycomb cardboard panels. The panels are no different than those found in a standard cardboard scratcher. What makes the Scratch Lounge different is sheer size - it's like a double-wide trailer. Most cats, the morbidly obese excepting, should be able to fit comfortably in the Lounge.  The Scratch Lounge provides multiple scratching surfaces, and because the panels are reversible, it'll last longer than your average cardboard scratcher. 

Pablo and Diego love this thing! The minute I brought it home and put it on the floor they were fighting over who would actually get to sit in it. They love scratching wildly at the cardboard panels, honing their claws into little weapons of mass destruction (watch out Andy!). What's nice about the Scratch Lounge is that unlike conventional single panel cardboard scratchers the Lounge doesn't move around as the cats are scratching. Pablo and Diego also enjoy just sitting around on the scratcher. I think the 3-sided construction makes them feel safe and protected. The Lounge also came with a little bag of nice quality catnip, which the boys can't get enough of. They are such catnip junkies!

Scratch Lounge
Available at
Marshalls/HomeGoods for $14.99 for $24.99

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