Monday, January 28, 2013


Today's the official start of yet another Spring semester in our household. My husband has been frantically prepping his syllabi and week 1 lesson plans. I start classes tomorrow, with plans to graduate in May and attend graduate school sometime in the near future. This semester isn't going to be nearly as busy as the last, though between work and school my husband and I will only get to share dinner maybe 3 or 4 times a week. We have completely flip-flopped schedules this semester, which means there's really no need for Andy to go to day camp once a week like he did in the Fall. We still plan on taking him in now and then because he needs the socialization (and we need the occasional break!) but it won't be a regular thing. I already know the pup is going to have a lot of steam! We're going to try to offset this by taking him on more walks. It probably also means we need to be more diligent about clipping the cat's claws, lest Andy get his eyes scratched out! I hope you're staying warm, keeping busy, and ready to tackle whatever may come your way. Here we go!

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