Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Someone Needs His Nails Trimmed...

Andy really needs his nails trimmed. They're so long right now they remind me of little black jelly beans. I'm not gonna lie...I've been avoiding it. He was actually pretty good about having them trimmed when we first got him but as of late he goes completely ballistic whenever we try to clip them. The boy goes crazy - he squirms, he snaps, he kicks, he screams. Arg. In fact the last time we tried a trim we had to stop half way because he just wasn't having it.

We need to trim them this week cause he's going to be kenneled from Friday to Saturday. Not looking forward to it. We're going to put him in his Thundershirt and see if that helps keep him calm. If that doesn't work I'm seriously considering getting an abrasive disc for my Dremel and trying to grind them down. Anything to not have to deal with the squirming and the kicking and the screaming. Arg.

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