Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me and My Shadow

Andy has a tendency to stick to me like glue when I'm at home. He follows me everywhere, and I mean everywhere...not that there are too many places to go in the loft. If he's not at my side he likes me to at least be within eyeshot. The Elizabethan cone has proven to be quite the obstacle. He's tried following me up the stairs while wearing the cone on several occasions and has gotten stuck each time. The lip of the cone always gets caught on the steps because the boy's not very tall. It's pretty sad (and hilarious), and a bit of a hazard, so I've taken to telling him to "stay" at the bottom of the stairs whenever I need to run up. The pup is stubborn though and still tries to at least clear the first couple of steps.

I'm surprisingly squeamish when it comes to blood and open wounds, at least more than I thought I'd be. I forced myself to take a good look at the bite last night, and while it's not too bad, the gash is rather deep and hasn't even started to scab over yet. It's also in a really awkward spot (slightly above his right armpit) so I think it can't help but keep opening up. I'm just glad it's not actively leaking anymore. On Monday it kept leaking this watery, kool-aid, looking blood. The vet said this was normal, would continue for a day or two, and that we should just let it drain. Ew. Andy's already getting restless from sitting around all day and night. I'm hoping to at least be able to take him on a short walk this weekend. I'm guessing the cats are going to hate life when Andy gets de-coned and all his bottled up energy is released.

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