Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Andy's Long Day

Andy spent the better part of the day wearing his Elizabethan collar; aka the cone of shame. For those of you not in the know, an Elizabethan collar is that plastic doohickey you typically see dogs and cats wearing after surgery (It's reminiscent of the ruffled collars folks wore back in the Elizabethan age, ala Shakespeare, thus the name). It's intended to prevent post-surgery pets from chewing or licking at their stitches, which could lead to injury or infection. While dog's mouths are in fact cleaner than human's (go figure!) they still have a lot of bacteria in them and our vet wants Andy in the cone for the next day or two to keep him from licking his wound and getting it infected.  The boy's been able to move around with it on but because it's so awkward he's pretty much just been sitting on his favorite perch. Thankfully we had the cone from when he got neutered, otherwise it would of cost us another $15 for a new one. We've been giving Andy breaks from the cone now and then - during meals, when he goes out to potty, and overnight - so all things considered it's not that bad. If it'll help him heal faster than he'll just have to endure it.

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