Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winterize Your Pup

This is going to be Andy's first full winter. Here are some practical measures we'll be taking in order to keep him warm and safe this season:
  • As the temperature drops and we get more snow on the ground we'll start to limit how much time we spend outdoors.
  • When it's actively raining or snowing we'll try to put a coat on Andy to keep him as dry as possible. We'll also have a towel available by the door to dry him off as soon as we get back inside.
  • We'll try to avoid salt, chemical ice melters, and anti-freeze when we're outdoors and make sure his paws are deiced and clean when we get back inside.
  • We'll make sure Andy has lots of dry, warm, and comfortable spots to pass the time.
  • We'll also do more to keep his mind and body stimulated since he'll be spending so much more time indoors. We have plenty of toys ready to go and I plan on doing more obedience training with him once the semester ends and I have more time.
For information on how to keep your pets safe this winter check out the ASPCA's Cold Weather Tips.

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