Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Still Dealing With Fleas...#%@!

Why the heck won't these fleas just die already!?! I'm pretty sure we have some sort of radioactive super fleas living in our loft that are completely resistant to anything we throw their way. We don't have a major infestation or anything but enough of them are around that the pets (and my husband!) are being bothered by them. All of the pets have been treated with a topical flea medication, I'm constantly washing their bedding and ours, I vacuum frequently, and I even purchased a natural flea killing spray product...and yet they still persist. I refuse to use a bug bomb because I can't stand the idea of all those chemicals just lingering in the loft. Arg. Arg. Arg. Pablo's vet said the problem should go away with the first frost. It hasn't. Why did God see fit to put parasites in this world?

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