Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review | Premier Easy Walk Harness | Part 2: Overall

As promised, here's Part 2 of my review of the Premier Easy Walk Harness. As mentioned in Part 1 of my review, aside from sizing issues I'm actually happy with the harness and would recommend it to anyone with a dog that doesn't walk "nice" on the leash. While no leash, collar, or harness can take the place of proper training (which I know we haven't done enough of with Andy) I think most dog owners should see immediate results with the Easy Walk Harness. The harness consists of two straps, one that wraps around the torso, directly behind the legs, and one that falls across the top of the breast bone. The front strap is similar to a martingale collar, with loops that tighten gently across the chest and shoulder blades when your dog tugs. This, coupled with the fact that the leash clips to the front of the harness, makes it difficult for your pup to pull. When he does pull the pressure created by the martingale loops will force him to his side and redirect his attention towards you.

The Easy Walk Harness hasn't stopped Andy from pulling completely but I'd say he tugs about 70% less - which is a vast improvement and much better results than we had with the gentle leader or the body harness. It's also easy to get on and off. The harness is actually dual-toned, unlike the product photo, so I know immediately which strap goes around Andy's body and which goes across his chest. From what I've read the model I purchased, which is the Easy Walk Reflective Harness and Leash set, is actually sturdier than the regular model sold in most stores (which does not come with a leash). The set is made of a nice heavy nylon and features reflective threads (which really do reflect!) and snap buckles made of sturdy plastic. One complaint I do have is that the instructions for the harness say you should use a leash with a light-weight clip but the leash that came with the set actually has a pretty heavy clip, which contributes to the front strap sagging.

Some tips:
- Consider going to a big box pet supply store and asking for assistance sizing and fitting the harness.
- There's definitely a learning curve with this harness. Read the instructions completely. Spend a good amount of time "practicing" walking your dog in the harness in a controlled environment before venturing out and about. Be patient with your pup! 
- Andy resisted the harness in the beginning and did a fair amount of tugging.  The first time we took him on a long walk his "pits" were a bit raw after because the straps rubbed against the flesh every time he pulled really hard. If your dog wants to pull hard in the beginning consider going on short walks to minimize irritation and extend them as he gets used to the harness.
- If you're interested in the Reflective Harness and Leash set I've only seen them online. I ordered mine on and the set was actually cheaper than what just the harness normally sells for at local pet supply stores.

Premier Easy Walk Harness
Available at most big box pet supply stores | $29.99

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