Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remembering Maxwell | Baby It's Cold Outside

Maxwell was never a big fan of cold weather, which I think is kind of funny considering he was a Midwestern pup born and bred. He hated lingering in the rain and barely tolerated snow. I did what I could to minimize his discomfort in the winters: cranked up the heat, always had towels and comfy beds for him to warm up on, carved out out paths and poop zones in the snow so he could get around easier, and I always tried to be attuned to when he was ready to go inside. 

One year we found a green corduroy Woolrich dog coat on sale at Target and decided to pick it up for the pup. I had no illusions about it actually doing anything to keep him warm but thought it might help keep him dry in the rain and snow. The fact that it was adorable also meant I couldn't pass it up! This was Maxwell's first article of clothing and he took to it right away. It was funny, whenever he wore the coat it was like it gave him an extra confidence boost - he would perk up and there would be a little more swagger in his step, as if the coat allowed him to face whatever mother nature could throw his way. 

Maxwell wore that little green coat for about 5 years and it kept him dry through many a rain and snow storm. The coat is still in great shape and hopefully it'll see Andy through many winters to come. Hope he doesn't mind hand-me-downs!


  1. Jack hates bad weather too. Maybe it's a beagle thing. He hates it to the point at which when the door is opened, he'll look out, turn around, and walk away from the opportunity to go out. First time he did that Kim was nearly in tears of laughter. Completely a "heck with this" look on his face.

    1. Beagles can be temperamental about the most random things! Hope you, Kim, and Jack are doing well and stay warm this winter. :)