Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pup Tip | Old Towels

Old towels sure come in handy when you have dogs, especially if you have one that likes to roll in poop and requires frequent baths. We got a lot of life out of the towels that were gifted to us when we got married, a good 8-9 years I'd say, before we decided to start replacing them. Throwing them out seemed like a waste so we decided to try to squeeze more life out of them by designating them as pet towels. They're great for post-bath dry offs, for lining kennels, and just practical to have around for household emergencies like faucet leaks. I also keep an old hand-towel by the front door to dry Andy off when it's raining outside. 

Towards the end of Maxwell's life he was on a pretty high dose of prednisone. One of the side effects of the medication was that he had to urinate frequently, like every 20-30 minutes. At some point it become impossible for us to take him out every time so we had to just let him pee on the floor in the loft (thankfully we have wood floors). After going through like 2 dozen rolls of paper towels and a couple of bottles of surface cleaner we knew we needed to devise a more practical system to deal with the issue. I ended up picking a spot on the floor near the front door, putting a sheet of heavy plastic down, then spreading an old towel on top of that. Maxwell learned pretty quickly to pee on the towel and we would throw it in the wash and put out a new one as needed. Sigh. The things we do for the dogs we love.

If you don't have a pet and are looking to unload some old towels consider contacting your local humane society, animal shelter, or rescue group. Most of these organizations are happy to take old towels, blankets, and sheets to use for bedding or post-bath drying.

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