Friday, November 16, 2012


Folks are allowed to bring horses to one of the parks we like to visit. While we rarely see them around we do encounter the huge piles of poop they leave behind regularly. Thankfully Andy has never rolled in one of these piles...and let's hope he never does. We finally ran into a pair of horses this past weekend and Andy seemed to cycle through a range of emotions within a matter of seconds in response. At first the pup appeared to cower in fear. Then a look of incredulity passed over his face. For a moment he was utterly confused and couldn't seem to process what he was seeing. Soon after I think he decided he was looking at a pair of really, really large dogs, at which point he got super excited and started barking and charging at them. The horses paid the boy absolutely no heed and passed us without incident. Once they got 25 yards or so ahead of us it was as if Andy stopped seeing them even though we trailed them all the way back to our car. His nose did stay to the ground though and I think he was just lost in the intoxicating smell of farm animals...eau de cheval.

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