Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Thoughts on Doggy Day Care

Andy came home from day care last week with a gash under his right eye (you can kind of see the scab in the photo). A staff member pointed it out to us and told us they had put some Neosporin on it.  At the time, she referred to it as a "nick" - but once I got home and took a closer look at the injury I was surprised at how much worse than a "nick" it actually was - it was more like a small gash. It wasn't bad enough to take him to the vet but I definitely kept on eye on it all week and diligently applied Neosporin to it twice a day. My guess is that another dog's canine caught Andy's face while they were wrestling. It's more or less healed at this point. 

I wasn't actually upset by the incident. I wish it hadn't happened, but really, the occasional scratch or bruise is inevitable when you have a group environment with a bunch of dogs running around playing with one another all day. The dogs at Camp Bow Wow are supervised at all times so I trust this didn't happen due to their neglect. The environment is as controlled as it can be considering there are typically 10 or more dogs in a play area at any one given time. One of my neighbors stopped taking her dog to day care because she didn't like her pup coming home with scratches. The way I see it, the benefits of day care outwiegh the occasional scratch or minor injury. If you're considering taking your pup to day care you should expect that these things will happen and decide for yourself how much you're willing to tolerate.   

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  1. Oh, poor Andy. Hope his wound heals soon.