Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rough and Tumble Pup

We always make Andy visit the grass and do his business before going on a car ride. Yesterday morning he was so excited about going to Camp Bow Wow he refused to go to the grass and proceeded to take a big dump in the middle of the parking lot. He then bee-lined it to the car. Sheesh. That's one impatient pup!

When we picked Andy up from camp we noticed his collar was all filthy and torn up. I suspect it got pulled off during some rough and tumble play and got chewed up a bit before a counselor realized it had even fallen off. Looks like it's time to replace the collar, which is just as well, because it was already starting to fray around the edges. I'm going to look for an inexpensive, but fashionable, quick-release collar.  This type of collar has a squeezable trigger closure made of heavy plastic. The closure allows for quicker removal then say, a traditional buckle collar, which works well for us because Andy only wears his collar when we
leave the grounds of our apartment complex. Camp Bow Wow also requires that all campers wear a quick-release collar for the safety of the pups.

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