Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review | Premier Easy Walk Harness | Part 1: Fit

Andy's been wearing his new Premier Easy Walk Harness for a month now and I'm finally ready to share some of my thoughts about it (To read about why we chose this particular harness, click here). I'm going to split this review into 2 parts: "fit" and overall feelings about the product. Today I'm going to write primarily about the fit and fitting of the harness.

Before ordering the harness I had to decide what size to get. I started by consulting the sizing instructions on Premier's website. The instructions had me measure Andy's girth - the length around his rib cage, directly behind his front legs. I then compared that measurement to the sizing chart and decided to order a medium since his girth is approximately 23 inches. The harness came with some pretty detailed fitting instructions. After a lot of adjusting of straps, readjusting, and adjusting some more, I just couldn't get the medium size harness to fit properly, and I determined it was because it was actually a touch too small. Either Andy has a really odd shaped body or Premier's sizing chart is way off...I'm guessing it's the latter of the two. I did see some complaints about sizing when I read reviews on the harness, I just didn't think the sizing chart would be SO off.

I ended up returning the medium and ordering a size up, a medium/large, which is a better fit...though not a perfect one. When fitted properly the straps, one that goes around the torso and one that falls across the chest, are supposed to be perpendicular to one another - forming a sideways "T," like in the photo above. Our problem is that the chest strap, even when adjusted to the smallest possible length, is still a wee bit large, so the chest strap tends to sag a little. Arg. Despite this sizing issue we've more or less managed to make the harness work - and I'm actually pleased with the results (which I'll write about next week). If you're thinking of purchasing an Easy Walk Harness I've read that you can go to a Petco or Petsmart and ask one of their trainers to help you find the proper size. They'll adjust the straps for you and make sure the harness is fitted properly. Because I ordered ours online (in an attempt to save some money), and Premier's sizing chart is out of whack, the fitting process was frustrating - but in the end, well worth the extra effort.

Come back for Part 2 of my review of the
Premier Easy Walk Harness next Thursday, when I'll address my overall thoughts about the harness, as well as share some general tips about where to purchase one and how to transition your pup to wearing one.

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