Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review | Long Lasting Durable 5 Senses Chew

The "Long Lasting Durable 5 Senses Chew" was one of the first Nylabone products I purchased for Andy. I picked it up at a T.J. Maxx back in July for around $4.00 but haven't seen one there, or anywhere else for that matter, since. It still shows up on the Nylabone website so I don't think it's been phased out completely. I want to write a quick review, well mainly a caveat, in case there are folks out there that still have access to this particular product. 

The packaging for the 5 Senses Chew touts the following: See it! Interactive Shapes, Smell it! Irresistible, Taste it! Bacon Infused, Touch it! Bumps and Ridges, Hear it! Clickety Clack. I wasn't really taken in by all the claims when I picked this chew up. I decided to buy it primarily because it was a Nylabone product (which I generally trust), it felt sturdy, and it looked interesting. I think Andy might have been at the tail end of teething when I picked it up in July, so I know I was also on the lookout for durable chew toys. 

Andy had a good time with the toy...while it lasted. I don't have much to say about the smell or flavor of the chew - I suspect when it comes to Nylabone chews it's the objects themselves dogs are interested in and not so much the flavors. Andy had very little interest in the 3 "interactive shapes" that spin in the middle. In fact, the shapes were so tightly placed on the rod that they hardly spun at all and certainly didn't make any clickety clack sounds. Andy focused his energy on the 2 end pieces because they were the easiest to get to...Thus leading to the problem we encountered with this product: within a month Andy had chewed the end pieces down to nubs, at which point one of them popped right off. This meant that not only was one end of the "rod" exposed, the 3 pieces in the middle slipped right off. At this point I had to toss the entire toy because the exposed rod seemed unsafe and the smaller pieces were a choking hazard. I've since learned to stick to solid, single piece Nylabone products like the Dura Chew Bones or Andy's favorite, the Durable Dental Dinosaur.

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