Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pup Tip | Repurpose Old Dog Tags

What do you do with your pet's old rabies and dog tags? I'm guessing most people put them in a drawer and forget about them or throw them out altogether. I started putting old tags on my keyring a number of years ago after a beloved dog passed away very suddenly. It was just a small way of keeping a piece of him close. Over the years, as my pet's rabies tags have expired, I've added them to my keys. When Maxwell passed away my husband added his i.d. tag, which is engraved with his name and our numbers, to his key ring. The tags are lightweight and colorful and are a great conversation starter. Instead of adding another piece of metal to our landfills consider paying tribute to your pet by carrying their rabies or i.d. tag on your key ring.

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