Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make Up Your Mind Andy!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that we allow our pets on our bed. 1 Queen sized mattress + 2 humans + 1 dog + 2 cats = a tight fit! It's actually not that bad and the arrangement is great for cold winter nights. Seriously though...we need a bigger bed. 

Soon after we adopted Andy he discovered that being under the blanket at night can be quite cozy. He figured out fairly early on that he can paw at the top of the blanket and one of us will lift it up so he can go under. What a smart boy, right? Well...last night Andy couldn't decide if he wanted to be under or on top of the blanket. He started off under but soon squirmed his way out at the bottom, then eventually made his way back up top and pawed to be let back under. This went ON and ON all last night. I must of woke up every 30 minutes or so to the pup pawing at the top of the blanket. Of course Andy tends to direct all of the pawing in my direction and lets my husband sleep in peace. Arg. Does anyone else have this problem? I know the easy solution is to not let the dog on the bed...but we're actually happy to have him there for the most part. I've read articles both for and against this sleeping arrangement. I guess I made my bed and now I have to lie uncomfortably in it.   

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