Saturday, October 27, 2012


The Weather Channel
Why am I always the last to hear about impending freak weather events? And then when I do hear about them why do I tend to not care? A coworker mentioned earlier in the week that we would be getting some bad weather this weekend. I shrugged. Another coworker mentioned yesterday that this bad weather is now being referred to as a "Frankenstorm." I rolled my eyes. But man, the more I hear about this thing it's sounding worse and worse. Apparently the remnants of hurricane Sandy are going to converge with a winter storm currently moving  West across the United States. Of course this convergence will take place right on top of us here, in the state of Pennsylvania. When the two collide they'll produce the ungodly lovechild now being referred to as "Frankenstorm." I'm talking hurricane force winds, rain, snow, flooding, power outages - the works!

Notice in the image above the ENTIRE state of Pennsylvania is likely to be without power. Arg. I don't think we have a working flashlight in the house but we do have a lantern and candles. I sent my husband to the store today to pick up provisions: cat food (priorities!), canned goods, bottled water, etc. I think we're good to go. I'm wondering how we'll handle Andy's potty breaks. He already hates rain as it is - I imagine he's not going to enjoy the addition of hurricane force winds. I wonder if I can train him to do his business in the bathtub? Never mind, that's just gross. Batten down the hatches and be safe everyone.

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