Monday, October 29, 2012

Come at me Mother Nature!

I took this photo at the end of last August during Hurricane Irene. Our apartment complex is located at the bottom of a hill, which you can kind of see off in the distance to the right. To the left, which you don't see, is a creek. The street directly in front of our complex ended up flooding fairly quickly. I felt pretty bad for the owner of the car in the photo. After the water receded I happened to see the owner checking out the damage to his car. I walked across the street and said, "Hey, I have photos of your car at the height of the flood if you need them for insurance purposes." His response was, "Uh, I parked it there on purpose." After an awkward moment I just smiled/grimaced and walked away, muttering under my breath about what a bastard he was for committing insurance fraud. Haha. Seriously though, what a jerk.

At the time Irene was bearing down on us my husband had just been discharged after a week's stay in the hospital. He developed a pretty serious case of gout soon after returning home and was rendered pretty much immobile (and here I thought gout only afflicted the elderly!). The timing of everything was a little unnerving. Hurricane Irene + invalid husband = ? I pictured the creek flooding, us having to evacuate, and me having to carry my husband on my back, all the while juggling a dog and two cats. Would have made for a great AP photo. Thankfully we're both in good health right now and we'll be facing "Frankenstorm" together. Bring it on Mother Nature! Not that I'm issuing a challenge or anything.

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