Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So...I ended up buying a Halloween costume for Andy after all. I know, I know - I was just bemoaning the fact that people spend $20-30 on pet costumes last week. I had every intention of putting together a costume this past weekend. I had even come up with an idea: I was going to transform Andy into an ineffective scarecrow. I was going to put him in a straw hat and red bandana, fashion cuffs out of brown raffia ribbon to mimic hay, and then stick black paper crows all over him. I would have had to have purchased some supplies to achieve this look and after I did the math I decided it was actually cheaper to just buy a costume. I found this skeleton suit from Martha Stewart Pets on clearance at PetSmart. It cost five dollars and change. The confused look on Andy's face as I put the costume on him: priceless. This thing actually regularly cost $21.99. What the what!?! The design of the suit itself is completely flawed. The fit around the back legs is awkward as heck and the hood doesn't stay on at all.

In the end Andy didn't even get to go to Camp Bow Wow today, which was the whole reason for the costume. I tried calling them yesterday and this morning to confirm if they were open today but I kept getting a "We're sorry. All circuits are busy..." message, which tells me they probably lost power as a result of Hurricane Sandy. It all worked out though because my class was canceled today and I got to spend the morning/afternoon with the pup and keep him out of trouble. Maybe I'll take a shot at that scarecrow costume next year.


  1. Awww, but he is so cute!

    1. He's the only one in the family that looks remotely good in lycra. Haha.