Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Andy in the "Small Dog" Yard


It sprinkled on and off today so I kind of suspected Andy would be extra dirty when we picked him up from day care. He did not disappoint. His grimy state called for a double-wipe post camp wipe down. His brand new collar was also covered in mud. Arg. 

The dogs at Camp Bow Wow are separated by size and temperament. Generally this means small-medium dogs are in one section, large dogs are in another, and a third section is reserved for special needs dogs - seniors, dogs that need some quiet time, etc. Andy's a little energizer bunny when he's at camp. The pup keeps going and going and going! Why am I not surprised? The owner told me last week they did a little experiment and put Andy in the "big dog" yard to see if he could handle it (under supervision of course). Apparently he got overwhelmed by all the big pups so it didn't last very long. Haha. He's a "big dog" at heart but a "small dog" in practice.

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