Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Woodchipping Pup

Andy enjoys chomping on a stick now and then. He'll sit down with one and systematically break it up into little bits and pieces. As far as I can tell he's not actually eating the stick, though I'm sure there's got to be some accidental ingestion. I've read nightmare stories online about dogs and sticks involving choking, splinters, and/or surgery. So far we've managed to avoid any negative consequences from Andy's sticky habit but I wonder if I'm being wreckless by letting him chomp on them. I saw a product at the pet supply store the other day called a Durable Stick, from a brand called Petstages. The "stick" is made from a composite of real wood and durable synthetic material and is supposed to be a safe alternative to a real stick that has the potential to splinter and cause harm. Supposedly dogs that like to chew on sticks are attracted to the Durable Stick's shape and smell. Might have to give this a try. 

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