Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wild, Weird & Wonderful Nature

I posted about the off-puttingly adorable Venezuelan Poodle Moth on Monday  and was reminded of some of the weird and wacky things we've encountered here in Pennsylvania. I stand in awe of the wonder of nature.

My husband actually came across this spider out back the other day. She's an Argiope aurantia, commonly referred to as the black and yellow garden spider. This sucker is huge (!) but completely harmless. Her web has a strange thick zigzag pattern in the center called a stabilimentum. Even though I generally HATE spiders I find her oddly fascinating.

This brightly-hued fungus popped up out of no where a couple of years ago. It lived for a short time on a tree stump out back by the creek. We think it was a variety of Laetiporus - sometimes referred to as chicken of the woods, because that's right, when prepared properly it's said to taste just like chicken. We weren't adventurous enough to harvest it and wok it up so we'll never know.

I came across this Imperial Moth our first fall in Pennsylvania. It's camouflage is perfectly suited for a forest floor...not so much for a door stoop. I almost stepped on this thing and I shudder to think how squishy it would have been. It was about the size of my hand. A good 4 inches across.

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