Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review | Nylabone Dental Toys/Chews

I've been on the fence about Nylabone dental chew products for the last couple of months. While I'm still not entirely comfortable with the idea that Andy is ingesting/passing little bits and pieces of nylon, even if they are innocuous, I've decided that the benefits of the chews outweigh any negatives - of which I've yet to find any real evidence of. Andy is an especially aggressive chewer. We discovered this early on as he tore through all of the toys he inherited from Maxwell, our previous dog, and virtually anything else we threw his way. Nylabone dental chews have been one of the few "toys" that can actually withstand the onslaught of my pup's appetite for destruction. 

Andy consistently returns to his Nylabone dental chews - a pretty good indicator he approves of them. He turns to them not only to satisfy his urge to chew but also for play (he loves pushing them across the floor like hockey pucks!). The first 2-3 months Andy was with us he worked his way through a Durachew Bone and a Long Lasting Durable 5 Senses Chew. Maybe 2-3 months seems short for the life of a toy, but considering how little time it takes Andy to utterly destroy most other toys, I'm happy to shell out $5-10 for a "toy" that will last more than a month. Right now he's working his way through a stegosaurus shaped chew.

So far I've stuck to solid nylon chews and have avoided anything that incorporates rope or "edible" elements - I just don't see those lasting. I also don't really see myself buying Nylabone's treats or edible chews. With so many other great brands and natural products out there they just don't look that appealing...says the woman that's decided it's ok for her pup to ingest/pass nylon....go figure! In any case, I foresee many more Nylabone dental chews in Andy's future.

Nylabone Dental Toys/Chews
Available at most pet supply stores and big box retailers
$5-20 depending on type/size

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