Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Post Day Camp Wipe Down

Andy's always a little grimy when he comes home from Camp Bow Wow. He spends the day running around tussling with other dogs, both indoors and out, so it's really no surprise. His paws get especially dirty and dusty from the gravel that covers the outdoor play area. In lieu of giving him a bath every Wednesday night, which is impractical and wouldn't be good for his skin and coat, I've taken to wiping him down thoroughly with a baby wipe once we get home. I picked up a package of Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Baby Wipes at Target a couple of weeks back ($1.99 for a pack of 56 wipes) and so far I'm really happy with the product. The wipes are sturdy and one is usually enough to freshen Andy up and get rid of the dust on his coat and paws. The scent is light and refreshing and a great alternative for folks who don't like baby powder scents. The next time I see these wipes on sale I'll probably pick up a second pack for the car. 

I've seen specialty "pet wipes" at pet supply stores that sell for around $5-10 for 50-100 wipes. That's a little pricey for my taste. These "pet wipes" typically differ from baby wipes in that they contain coat and skin conditioners, but really, if your dog is eating a high quality dog food his coat and skin should already be in great shape. Many are also labeled as "veterinarian approved" - which I think is just a gimmick to get us to spend more money on a product that isn't really necessary. As far as the baby wipes are concerned, I figure if they're good enough for a baby's bottom, they're good enough for a dog. Of course there is always the off chance your pup could have an allergic reaction to a particular brand of baby wipe, so it's always smart to proceed with caution when trying out a new product. These Huggies wipes have worked well for us so far and I foresee us always having them on hand to keep the pup fresh.

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