Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Hardware for Andy

Andy's new harness (the Premier Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness) is here! We're going to start test driving it today. I've already started doing some basic obedience with the pup using one of the training DVDs from K9 Living. In both instances, getting Andy comfortable with the new harness and with obedience training, I'm using treats to reward good behavior. 

Hotdogs were recommended by both the DVD and a coworker. According to Kathy Santo giving little pieces of hotdog, aka human food, to your pup in the context of training won't lead to begging at the table. My coworker's vet recommends low-fat hotdogs. I opted to pick up some mini Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls (Lamb Formula). I used to give Maxwell little slices as a treat and he loved them. They have a drier texture than a human sausage - more akin to a very dry salami - and they also have a strong (but delicious!) scent. I'm hoping Andy will respond well to them and be an obedient little pup. Wish us luck!

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