Monday, September 3, 2012

Doggy Surveillance

We had to run some errands yesterday and knew they would keep us from the house for a couple of hours...this meant Andy had be alone for some time...which also meant the potential for disaster. We never know what we're going to come home to when Andy 's left to his own devices. Sometimes everything's perfectly fine but more often than not the pup has gotten into some sort of mischief (About That New Routine, Ups and Downs).

I kind of wish we had a doggy surveillance system. A couple of video cameras strategically set up around the loft so we could see what Andy's up to when we're not around. In addition I'd like a way of communicating with him while we're out so if I catch him doing something naughty I could say, "Leave it Andy!"...big brother may not be watching but Mom is!

I'm only half serious. I did however put my digital camera on a tripod when we left yesterday, pointed it towards the chair Andy likes to sit on when we're not around, and set it to take a photo every 30 seconds. Thankfully Andy didn't get into any trouble so the results are actually pretty mundane. Lots of chomping on a peanut butter filled toy and napping. Here's a selection of images from Andy's 2 hours by himself:

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