Monday, August 6, 2012

Smelly Pups | Puppy Smells

I read an article on Yahoo the other day titled "Why Your Dog Stinks." The author identifies a number of potential sources, environmental and physical, for unpleasant dog smells:
  • a dirty coat
  • smelly things a dog may have rolled in (trash, poop, etc.)
  • dirty bedding
  • a skin infection
  • dental issues (tooth infection or gum disease)
  • ear conditions
  • gas from intestinal issues
  • secretions from anal glands
I don't deny that Andy can get a little stinky now and then but how come no one ever talks about the good smells associated with dogs? I mean, have you ever had the pleasure of smelling a puppy? It's a strangely delicious combination of warmth, milkiness, and sweet diarrhea. Trust me. Good dog smells aren't just reserved for puppies either. A month or so after a bath Maxwell would always develop a nice musky scent right around his neck and behind the ears. Andy has a unique musk that I've never smelled on a dog before and it's really grown on me. While I'm at it, cats can smell pretty darn good too. Sometimes when I nuzzle Diego's neck I get a whiff of baked goods. Seriously - baked goods! Such an appropriate smell for my husky little boy.

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