Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleep Interrupted

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. This seems to happen on and off throughout the year. Sometimes it's triggered by the hot weather and other times I can't sleep because I'm feeling anxious about something. It's not so bad that I want to take anything for it but I was intrigued when I saw an ad the other day for a product called ZzzQuil, a "nighttime sleep-aid" manufactured by Vicks; the good folks that bring us NyQuil. If it's anything like Nyquil it'll knock me out in no time and I'll sleep through the night.

I think my recent sleep issues are actually tied directly to Andy. He's gotten into the habit of crawling in and out of the covers at night (Why yes, Andy, Pablo AND Diego sleep in our bed). This means he scratches at the covers any time he wants to go under and this always wakes me up. I've also woken up on many an occasion to his legs stretching into my back. I vaguely recall that one night he actually rolled me off the bed. Thankfully I somehow managed to land on my feet. Maybe I should be giving the ZzzzQuil to Andy. Don't people do that with babies and Benadryl? I'm just kidding. I would never do that... 

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