Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review | Kyjen Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch

The Kyjen Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch is the last "fabric" toy I purchased for Andy. The tag on it said it was made from the same durable fire hose used by firemen and for some reason this got me really excited. I mean it says "Hard Core" right on the toy - surely that means it can withstand the assault of a powerful chewer like Andy.

The material of the Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch seemed durable enough and the ends were sewn shut nice and tight, but alas, Andy had one end frayed in a matter of minutes and the body itself was gutted by the end of the night. I bought a medium size hose (10 inches long) for $9.99 at my local Petco and it was in the trash by 10:00 that same night. grr! boo! hiss! The Kyjen Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch may work for less aggressive chewers but unfortunately it didn't work for Andy. 

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