Thursday, August 2, 2012

Frozen Yogurt for Andy

I made a batch of the frozen yogurt treats I mentioned last week and they're a big hit with Andy. I already had peanut butter and honey at home so I only had to pick up a container of fat free plain yogurt and a bunch of bananas; of which I only used one. All told the treats cost about $2.50 to make - much cheaper than the pre-made frozen treats currently on the market. Using the recipe I shared I got a tray and half of treats (24 pieces total) and I still have enough yogurt to make a second batch.  

The treats are just the right size - small enough that Andy can usually finish one without dropping it on the floor (the photos above are from his first taste of a treat...he dropped it on the floor and gave it a curious sniff before greedily finishing it off). I'm planning on giving them to Andy as a reward for good behavior on a hot day or after a nice long walk. The one downside of freezing yogurt is that the process kills off the probiotics (healthy bacteria) naturally contained within, otherwise these make for some simple, healthy homemade treats.

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