Monday, August 27, 2012

Car Seat Cover | A Life Saver!

I bought this tan car seat cover 6 years ago and it's still going strong; granted it didn't get much use with Maxwell, who most frequently rode in the back of the suv. Andy on the other hand likes riding in the middle (passenger) section of the car because of his earlier bout with amaxophobia. He's since overcome his fear of the car and now hops right in without any reservations. Lately though we've been dealing with his love of rolling in piles of smelly crap - literally, I'm talking poop here, and the seat cover has been invaluable.

I wish I knew more about the specifics of the car seat cover we have but because I bought it so long ago I no longer have the packaging. I do know I bought it at a discount store called Tuesday Morning (my love of discount goods and all). To my recollection it cost about $20 and has been worth every penny. I don't know how we would've managed getting Andy home post-poop roll without it. I've seen similar covers at pet supply stores and I highly recommend them in general. Our particular cover is made of waterproof canvas with a vinyl backing. We've washed it multiple times and it's held up well. The cover has adjustable straps up top that fit around the headrests and the bottom corners have elastic that fit around the corners of the seat. You want to make sure you get one that fits your type of car - ours is for a small suv. The one downside of our cover is that the surface is a little slippery. I do have to be mindful when making turns otherwise Andy will slide right off the seat. Have been trying to think of ways to fix that issue. Other than that the car seat cover has saved our backseat from water, dirt, drool, and other more unsavory things.


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