Friday, August 3, 2012

Blood Sucking Ticks!

We found a tick on Andy's belly the other night. It was a wee little thing, no bigger than a sesame seed. Andy has very little fur on his belly so my husband spotted it fairly easily. I dismissed it at first thinking it was a scab but upon closer inspection saw that it was in fact a tiny tick embedded in Andy's flesh. (So gross!) I haven't been able to identify what type of tick it was but I know that it was in its nymph stage (not a full grown adult). Thankfully we had a tick remover on hand and took care of the horrid critter right away. We're going to to look into a flea and tick preventative this week to try to avoid further encounters.

Ticks are a nasty business! If you frequent parks or wooded areas with your pup, as we often do, it's imperative that you check for ticks regularly. They like burrowing into necks and bellies but be sure to check all parts of your dog, including between the toes, inside armpits, and in the ears. Ticks spread disease (Lyme is one that comes to mind) and removing them as soon as possible is key. For detailed information on how to properly remove a tick check out this page at the Humane Society of the United States' website.

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