Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bath Time Double Take

Camp Bow Wow offers what they call "Camp Showers" for a fee; a convenient service for those who opt to use it. I'm not gonna lie - I'm cheap and prefer bathing Andy myself. We've found that a bath is necessary after Camp whether Andy stays one night or five. Pups are allowed to run around in a pack indoors and out at Camp Bow Wow and Andy always comes home grungy. This means we march him straight to the bathtub as soon as we get home.

Andy got his second bath in two days yesterday. Why? Because he rolled in dog poop while we were at the park. Dog poop! Dirty, dirty boy! Arg. Thank God we have a car seat cover. Andy went from the car straight to the bathtub much to his chagrin. He didn't even get a frozen yogurt treat. His harness, leash, and the seat cover went into the washer. Curses on dog owners who don't clean up after their pets! Grrr.

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