Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Fall Semester

The end of August is always busy in our household because it marks the start of the fall semester. My husband and I are both involved in academia in one capacity or another - he teaches at a local college while I'm a part-time student and also work full-time at a college library. This will be Andy's first academic year with us and he's going to have to adjust to our modified schedules right quick. I think he'll be ok for the most part because my husband and I have flip-flopped schedules, meaning someone will almost always be home with him. We're going to try to take Andy to the park 3 mornings a week in addition to mini walks in between.

I don't know what this means for attaboyandy. I started this blog in July when I had a lighter load but the start of the semester means late nights at work, research, and homework. I imagine this means I'll be slowing things down on the blog yet another notch. I still plan on posting daily but with less frequency. Keep in touch and as always thanks for stopping in!

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