Thursday, August 30, 2012

About That New Routine...

The other day I mentioned Andy would be home alone for about 4 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. The plan was that I would drop my husband off in the morning, come home, leave for class at 2 pm, pick my husband up from work after class, then we would get home by 6. At the time I wasn't sure how it would work the photo to the right you can see that it didn't. Prior to leaving the house on Monday I took Andy on a long walk and also left him with a treat to keep him occupied. This is what we found we we got home. Andy completely rip through one of the legs of the cat scratcher. In order to do this he had to undo the thick sisal rope wrapped around the leg, then he had to tear through a pretty thick cardboard tube. He is one misbehaving, willful pup! Arg. This really needs to stop.

So even before we got home and saw the destroyed scratcher we decided to abandon our ride share plan because it was so impractical (too much time on the road and gas). The alternative plan we came up with is that I'll wait for my husband to get home from work then hightail to class. I guess for the time being this is for the best because obviously Andy just can't handle being home by himself for that long. Sigh. We never had this problem with our previous dogs so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do. Andy needs to get used to being alone now and then and I shudder to think what he'll destroy next. I'd love to hear how other people have dealt with this sort of situation.

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