Tuesday, July 31, 2012

31 Days of attaboyandy!

attaboyandy has officially been live for one month now! I hope you've enjoyed your time with us and will continue to follow as we chronicle the ups and downs that come with raising this shelter pup we affectionately call Andy. This is my first foray into blogging and the experience has been both exciting and exhausting. Who knew coming up with original content and taking pictures could be so involved?  Well, I kinda sort of knew, but thought I'd take a crack at it nonetheless. I've managed to keep up a furious pace these past 31 days but I think I'm going to slow things down and blog at a more leisurely pace from here on out.  Spend more time with the pup and his feline brothers. Oh, and the husband of course. :)
I'd love to hear from anyone out there reading this blog - opinions, suggestions, and maybe even ideas for collaboration? Thanks for stopping in and I hope you continue following us as we live and learn with Andy.

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